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Software ini dapat digunakan dengan berbagai interface Navigasi seperti Monitor Touchscreen, Mouse, Keyboard & Mouse ataupun Remote Control, sehigga dapat disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan outlet karaoke anda. Software didesain dengan tampilan jarak pandang maximum 3-4 meter.


Karaoke Client (Guest Room)

  • Easy song(s) search by all, singer, title, category, language, new release, best and favorite.
  • Smart Find with typing Keywords
  • Sound setting (pitch, and volume)
  • Song control (stop, pause, next, replay, Activate/deactivate vocal)
  • Preview feature Video Clip before add to playlist
  • Playlist Add, delete, and arrange priority songs
  • Call Service Operator or Waiter
  • Send Messages to operator
  • Food & Beverage Menu Order procesing
  • Running Text for display playing song, next song, news on TV
  • Display Artist Photo & F&B Picture
  • Singing Score with effect applause
  • Idle Screen Server for Advertising
  • Movie feature with movie category and subtitle configuration
  • Automatic alert for time 15 minute remaining of reserved room
  • Display Timer and Billing Information
  • Navigation Control with Mouse Only, Mouse Keyboard or Keyboard Only.
  • Dual Screen Display
  • Distance 3-4 meters

Front Office (Billing & Reservation)

  • Turn on/off Client Computer Room
  • Search and display room status (reserved, dirty, available, all)
  • Register Booking Time by Member, Non Member and Voucher
  • Input Room package F&B or Minimum Charge
  • Receive Guest calling from Room
  • alert control 15 minute remaining of reserved room
  • Change Room or Transfer Bill
  • Receive F&B Order from Room
  • Input Order F&B
  • Void Order or Payment
  • Adding time or Delete time for Karaoke Room
  • Voucher/Frepass System
  • Time Control of remaining time for confirmation to guest
  • Room & F&B Discount System or Compliment
  • Set F&B Discount per Item Order
  • Print Summary & Billing
  • Multiple Sum Payment (Cash, CC, etc)
  • Close shift & Day Revenue
  • Printer Setting for Cashier, Bar & Kitchen Printer

Administrator (Back Office)

  • Register User Password & Autorization
  • Register, Edit & Maintenance Songs Database
  • Input Title & Singer keywords for Easy Searching and Smart Find
  • Top 100 Chart songs maintenance
  • Register & Maintenance Movie database and configure subtitle
  • Configure Karaoke Console and Reserve/booking price
  • Configure Time Schedule Setting for Happy Hour, Bussines Hour & Weekend Price
  • Configure Table Console on Lounge
  • Register Operator Console for Remote Client
  • Record and edit Foods and Beverages price and discount or spesific price
  • Record and edit Material Cocktail information and price
  • Setting first stock material or non material item
  • Stock Opname, Good Receive, Good Isue, Stock Adjusment & Inventory Journal information
  • Stock / Quantity on hand Report
  • Create User Mamber & Discount member setting
  • Input Item Promo Package & Room Package
  • Register & Configure Voucher/Freepass Discount
  • Configure Promo Runing Text on Client Room
  • Setting Opening Clip on Room
  • Setting Idle Promo Advertising
  • Setting Discount, Tax, Service, Payment Type
  • Daily Billing Report by Room, or Total Room
  • Billing Report by Room, or Total Room by Date
  • Sales Report by Product
  • Karaoke Transaction Report (total, detail, Void)
  • Lounge Transaction Report
  • Export Report data to Ms. Excel
  • Food & Beverage Transaction Report (by Room, by Food Item)
  • Inventory Journal

Waiter / Waitress (Sales Order)

  • Access Login with Magnetic Card *)
  • Search and display room status (reserved, dirty, available, all) Or Lounge Table
  • Search & Input F&B Order to Room or Lounge Table
  • Automatic Printing CO to Kitchen & BAR
  • Receive Guest Calling or Alert Control
  • Stock List
  • Touchscreen Support

Control Operator Application

  • Search and display room status (reserved, dirty, available, all)
  • Easy song(s) search by all, singer, title, category, language, new release, best and favorite.
  • Send song to Room
  • Control and arrange Playlist
  • Control Player (Play, Pause, Next, Replay, active/deactive vocal)
  • Remote Music Volume & Pitch Control
  • Send message to any room(s)

System Requirement

Komputer Server :
Operating System Windows 2003/2008 Server, Microsoft SQL Server for Database, Intel Core 2 Duo or High, 2GB Memory, Hardisk Storage 3000GB for 50.000 Songs database.

Komputer Client :
Operating System Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 support
Pentium 4 2,0GHz or High, Motherboard w/ WOL Support, 512MB Memory, Display Card with TV Out.

Our Products

  • Touchscreen or Mouse Interface

    Software Karaoke Touch Screen dengan Fasilitas Terbaru Gesture Touch Screen layaknya seperti sebuah Ipad

  • All In One Interface

    All in One (Touchscreen, Mouse, Keyboard & Mouse, Remote)

  • Remote Interface

    Navigasi sistem didesain menggunakan Remote Control sebagai pengganti navigasi Keyboard & Mouse

  • Single Display Interface

    Software ini di desain untuk 1 layar monitor saja, dimana list pemilihan lagu dan tampilan Video Clip dari monitor yang sama

  • Mouse & Keyboard Interface

    Menggunakan interface Mouse dan Keyboard sehingga lebih mudah digunakan dan lebih cepat dalam proses pencarian lagu

  • Mouse Interface

    Menggunakan Interface Mouse sangat interaktif serta mudah digunakan

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